Hi-Tech Solves MIC Analysis Issues for our Customers

Jul. 14

Hi-Tech Testing is a full-service nondestructive testing company providing conventional and advanced NDE services as well as API inspection capabilities. We also specialize in data acquisition and reporting. Our personnel provide services meeting the requirements of API, ASME, AWS, AWWA as well as other codes, standards, and customer specifications. Industries served include Oil & Gas, Refining, Pipeline, Petrochemical, Railcar, Pulp and Paper, Manufacturing, Utility, Process, and Oilfield Service.


Established in 1996 Hi Tech Testing continues to serve as a longstanding non- destructive testing and information management company with deep roots in the inspection industry.  We provide a full spectrum of conventional, advanced, and mechanical integrity inspection services along with data management solutions across a network of 11 branch locations and over 100 total locations through our parent company Professional Services Industries (PSI).


Hi-Tech Testing continually provides solutions for customer inspection and corrosion problems.  “We have seen a lot of piping showing significant signs of deterioration through various types of corrosion in both facilities and line piping systems.  The accurate measurement and assessment of this deterioration is critical information that keeps everyone safe, the environment clean, and systems up and running.” says Mike Pack Vice President of Advanced Inspection. “It’s also about mitigating the level of risk for our clients from a commercial perspective in adhering to best business practices through having a strong inspection program”.


Most recently Hi-Tech worked closely to solve a client need through the use of advanced inspection techniques using both laser mapping and automated ultrasonic corrosion mapping to identify both ID and OD corrosion.  A major issue arose for the client and industry alike in the loss of data return while utilizing conventional automated ultrasonic (AUT) while working to quantify microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). MIC is an acronym for microbiologically influenced corrosion, a mode of corrosion incorporating microbes that react and cause the corrosion or influence other corrosion processes of metallic materials. MIC can be a major failure contributing factor without quality based inspection assessment.   


In this specific case Hi-Tech Testing partnered with our customer along with a large manufacturer of UT transducers here in the United States in solving the problem. Through collaborative research and testing a new phased array probe was designed and created to better quantify the loss of material due to MIC.  According to Mike Pack “This was a significant breakthrough not only for the needs of a specific customers, but a new methodology for the benefit of the industry as a whole.  This type of identification of specific problems and solving them is critical to the advancement of inspection techniques and keeping people safe, while promoting better commercial performance. At the end of the day we have discovered a better way to improve the knowing of our clients and our industry.”


Hi-Tech Testing’s central mission is building the trust relationships we enjoy in service to our customers.  As we continue to move forward in Building Upon Our Heritage we are committed to staying true to our foundational core centered on Safety, Quality, Ethics, and Relationships that have carried us to where we are today. Come experience the Hi-Tech difference.