Computed Radiography (CR)


Computed Radiography (CR) is a form of digital radiography which exists as an alternative to conventional radiography. The image capturing process is similar to conventional radiography in most ways with a few key differences. A source of radiation such as X-Ray, Selenium, Iridium or Cobalt is required. The energy required to capture an image on the phosphor plate is much less than that required for conventional film radiography. Exposure times can be 30-70% shorter depending upon the variables. This allows the use of smaller, lower intensity sources thereby reducing the radiation area and the impact upon adjacent work.

Computed radiography NDT has several advantages over other forms of radiography. Compared to digital radiography, it is much cheaper and easier to set up. It is also less labor intensive than other methods. While it is slower than digital radiography, it is still faster than traditional radiography.

Hi-Tech Testing utilizes the indirect capture method using phosphor imaging plates in the place of conventional film. After the required exposure, the plate is placed on the scanner and the image captured, digitized and displayed on the high bit depth, high resolution monitor designed for the purpose. The monitor is the key for weld quality viewing since the true sharpness of the image is dependent upon the monitor’s resolution and bit depth. Scanning takes approximately one minute and the image is ready to evaluate. The digital image presents a dynamic range not possible with conventional film as well as several other filters and tools that enable enhanced measurement and image evaluation.

Computed Radiography is excellent for corrosion investigation using profile techniques due to the accurate measurement capabilities and broad dynamic range. Advancements in image quality have made weld quality examinations commonplace. Images can be saved and transferred via CD or disc drive for later viewing using a viewing program for the system utilized. They can also be saved as a .jpeg to be stored and shared digitally.

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