Phased Array (PA)


Phased Array UT (PAUT) is an ultrasonic nondestructive testing technique that uses multiple ultrasonic beams to inspect welds, piping, pressure vessels, clad material, storage tanks, and structural steel. What makes the PA technology so useful is that the beam can be “steered” by controlling the beam’s angle and focal distance. It is also possible to interrogate an item or weld using multiple beam angles in an single scan.

The beam is able to be “steered” because the ultrasonic beam is created from a probe that consists of several small ultrasonic elements, each of which can pulsed on a time delay. Because of this, some of the elements in the array can be triggered at different times causing the various sound waves to affect each other in such a way that the overall beam becomes angled in a specific direction. This allows the beams to not only be steered, but swept and focused as well.

For this reason, PA has several advantages compared to traditional UT:

  • It has a high degree of repeatability and can easily used for repeat scans.
  • It can easily create detailed and accurate cross-sections of a component by generating sound beams of many different angles sequentially.
  • Inspections tend to a good deal faster with PA compared to traditional UT.

Because phased array UT is an advanced NDE technique, it requires a significant amount of technician experience and advanced technologies. Hi-Tech Testing has the capabilities to conduct PAUT at the highest caliber. Contact us to speak with an expert about our Phased Array services.

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