Coating Inspection (NACE)


An improperly applied coating system can sometimes be worse than no coating at all. An improperly applied coating can exacerbate corrosion, which is the number one cause of steel structure failure. It is essential that you protect your investment by ensuring the coating system applied will perform as designed.


In order to ensure the quality of your equipment coatings, and subsequently, the service life of your equipment, we at Hi-Tech Testing provide comprehensive NACE coating inspections. It is incredibly vital for equipment health to ensure coating application integrity as structures or equipment are undergoing construction, repair or replacement.


A thorough coating inspection will address the following items:


  • Materials are stored, mixed and handled properly
  • Atmospheric conditions are acceptable for surface preparation and coating application
  • Surface preparation is performed properly to meet project specifications
  • Application of coatings e.g., wet film thickness, time between coats, workmanship and coating sequence, are properly performed
  • Examination of completed system to ensure proper curing, dry film thickness and workmanship is satisfactory


By choosing to perform a coating inspection, you can ensure your coating has been applied properly and your equipment has the longest possible service life. Quality Control, surface cleanliness and profile, atmospheric monitoring, WFT and DFT coating thickness measurements, and holiday testing comprise the major aspects of a coating inspection job.


Hi-Tech Testing has the personnel and capabilities to perform coating inspection in accordance with NACE and SSPC guidelines. There are further details that may need to be addressed based upon the specifics of your application. Be sure to ask for one of our NACE Certified Coating Inspectors to discuss your coating inspection needs.


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