Conventional Radiography (RT)


Conventional Radiographic Testing (RT) is a nondestructive testing method that uses either x-rays or gamma rays to examine parts of equipment for flaws or damage. The type of radiation chosen is based on several factors such as the thickness and density of the material it’s made of. RT can be used for examining castings, pressure vessels, and valves, and heavy wall vessel inspection, among other things. It is the primary method used for determining weld quality during construction of pipelines, flow lines, meter stations and compressor facilities.

RT has several advantages over other techniques:

  • it is highly reproducible,
  • it provides a permanent record of the results,
  • it works on a wide variety of material types, and
  • little surface preparation is required.

Hi-Tech Testing is equipped with mobile darkrooms that are fully self-contained, allowing the technician to process exposed film and interpret the results on-site. All film is catalogued with the appropriate report provided in a timely manner.

A value-added service of Hi-Tech is ensuring multiple method certifications for assigned technicians. This allows you (the customer) to utilize the same personnel to perform Magnetic Particle or Liquid Penetrant inspections (if required) in conjunction with Radiography requirements.

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