Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)


Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) is a nondestructive examination technique which is used for the detection of surface or near surface discontinuities in ferrous materials. The process involves inducing a magnetic field in the material, and the principle that the lines of force are forced out of the material when they encounter discontinuities perpendicular to those lines such as a crack. These excluded lines of force can be detected by using a highly attractive iron powder to form indications of the discontinuities.

MT can be performed on any ferromagnetic material that can be accessed and submitted to a magnetizing current. This method is a valuable tool for the inspection of welds and base metal in pressure vessels, tanks, piping, lifting components, structural steel and other items as applicable. Compared to other methods, MT is more portable, less expensive, does not require as much pre-cleaning.

To perform MT, first a magnetic current must be induced into the component being inspected. Next metal particles are applied to the component; either dry or wet particles in either visible or fluorescent colors are available dependent upon the application. This method is able to  detect flaws in the material because the magnetic field will distort around them, creating what is known as a “flux leakage field.” The particles will then cluster around this distortion indicating the general shape and size of the defect, where it can be identified by an inspector.

Hi-Tech Testing is equipped with portable equipment ranging from A/C yokes to 4000 amp AC/HWDC units. We have the capabilities to provide this service either at our in-house facility or at your location. We have the dedicated staff and equipment to provide magnetic particle testing in a way that meets all code, standard and specification requirements. They are familiar with the fast paced production requirements relative to pipeline and/or shutdown construction. We strive to obtain production while ensuring quality is our primary focus.

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