Level III Services


It is sometimes necessary to retain the services of an objective, independent, third-party expert to determine whether or not quality requirements relative to NDE examination methods/results are being met. This may involve a review of procedures, certifications, report documents, or radiographic images.


Companies that have hired an NDE company and are concerned with film quality, reject rate, record keeping, etc. can contact Hi-Tech Testing as an independent ASNT Level III auditor to provide evaluation services. Hi-Tech Testing has Level III personnel experienced in the performance of quality audits and rendering dispositions based upon sound judgment and firm understanding of the requirements.


Hi-Tech Testing’s Level III personnel have extensive experience in procedure development and review, procedure qualification, Quality Program establishment, and NDE consulting. We currently act as the designated Level III of Record for over 20 different pressure vessel shops, fabrication shops, pipeline companies, railcar facilities, and manufacturers.


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