Boiler inspection is a common and oftentimes mandated practice in the pulp & paper and power industries industries. Due to the sheer amount of data generated by the inspections, keeping up with best practices can oftentimes become quite overwhelming.

BoilerMax© was developed by Hi-Tech Testing to be used primarily for chemical recovery and power boiler inspection. The software is used during the inspection of various types of equipment where a large volume of ultrasonic thickness data is to be acquired and reviewed.

The program can be used to plot wear trends, detect calibration errors, and assist with predicting future tube replacement. This reporting process is currently the primary reporting format used in the United States. BoilerMax© is not only a reporting software program, but when used in conjunction with compatible ultrasonic instruments, it is a precise system for creating assignments, downloading data, and monitoring the accuracy of results.

Advanced features:

  • Compare data to previous inspections
  • Wear trends
  • Simulate predicted thinning based on current wear rates
  • Line Graphs
  • Color Graphic Boiler report representing each boiler section
  • Thickness deviation between subsequent inspections
  • Accuracy of data