Welding Qualifications


Welding qualifications are certifications for welders that show that they are proficient in creating welds according to qualified welding procedure specifications (WPSs). The WPSs are developed, qualified and documented on a Procedure Qualification Record (PQR). These processes and associated documentation ensure welds are made that meet the Engineering requirements and that they are made by qualified craftsmen.


In order to comply with national standards which apply collectively to codes, specifications, and recommended practices, it is mandatory that welding procedures be written and qualified in accordance with the applicable standard. The welding procedure specification will be requalified any time there is a change in an essential variable as referenced by the standard being followed.


Welders and welding operators are required to be certified using a qualified welding procedure specification written by the company or manufacturer performing the work. Each standard has its own unique welder and welding operator qualification requirements, such as those put forth by the American Welding Society(AWS) American Petroleum Institute (API) or American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).


We at Hi-Tech Testing have experienced and qualified welding inspectors and the equipment to qualify welding procedures, welders or welding operators at our shop, your facility or at remote locations in the field.


Our AWS CWI certified personnel will also assist in the research and development of welding procedure specifications in accordance with national standards. Qualification of welding procedures, welders, and operators is controlled, ensuring all required tests and documentation conform to the standard that has been specified.


We can maintain historical files and welder logs for each client thereby ensuring the continuity of the client's welding program.


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